Monday, July 9, 2012

Choose Unique Subjects and Prospective Subjects

There are some subjects that sometimes people say is not important and not prospective. But these subjects are very suitable for you who really want to focus on one area. These subjects are fraud investigator and Gerontology. Fraud investigator is a special program designed to deepen knowledge about the methods of investigating the increasingly sophisticated financial crimes, especially money laundering, and the possibility of actions available to catch the perpetrators.

The program is highly relevant for the investigators because of financial crimes are often related or supporting the occurrence of other serious crimes such as terrorist financing, corruption and illegal logging. Besides developing the skills of investigation and analysis, fraud investigator certification is useful to develop the skills of an experienced investigator field operation to the level of tactical leadership. Participants will receive training in investigating financial crimes.This program will address the environmental and the scale of financial crime as well as outlining the management strategy in handling these problems. This program aims to increase environmental awareness in the target institutions on issues related to management and the various factors that influence the outcome of an investigation.

Gerontology is the science which studies the aging process and old age. Gerontology is a multi-disciplinary science for studying the biology of aging, including what is happening physically and how the human body is changing. Here, also studied how aging affects the psychology of someone that related to the aging process. Students learn how the society views the aging process and what role can be played by older people in the community. Through the Gerontology certificate, they are required to learn and practice to a nursing home. The graduates of these majors typically work in hospitals or nursing homes, or elderly fitness center and community elderly. If you want to complete this program without leaving home, you can choose gerontology certificate online.


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