Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Developing Teaching Strategies With Interactive Whiteboards

Familiarization, utilization, integration, reorientation, and evolution are the five different levels. In the first level the teacher familiarizes with an interactive Whiteboard.

The schools teaching staff get a detailed training session on the use of IWB. The teachers get a detailed instruction on the technology but yet to access the same. In the initial stage the teacher might give simple display with the help of audio visual devices to the students. As teachers' know-how increases the utility of Interactive Whiteboard is more. In this level the projector is used connected to a PC or flip chart. The teacher's ability to add footnotes, the skill to save the text, to amend the resources all depends on improved knowledge on the usage of Interactive Whiteboard. The third stage or 'integration' is characterized when teachers make the IWB technology an indispensable part of the pedagogic system.

The Interactive Whiteboard becomes an integrated method of the classroom. 'Reorientation' is the fourth stage. It is an ongoing learning process for the teachers along with the students. The varied opportunities provided by the technology are still being explored in this level. The teaching strategies are still in the testing and experimenting level. Slowly but steadily the teacher is gaining self-confidence to work on the Whiteboard.

The last step or 'Evolution' is a stride ahead from 'Reorientation' stage.

The environment is friendlier and the teacher has self assurance to meet the requests of pupils. Gradually teacher adapts new ideas, teachers recurrently looks for fresh strategies to progress the learning experiences offered to the pupils.


  1. Another advantage an interactive whiteboard offers is that you can easily locate and save everything written on the board as you wish. Later on, you can conveniently open and review all the stored documents in another source, such as, in a personal computer. The advantages of interactive whiteboards are as vast as your imagination and it’s amazing to think that it will continuously be upgraded for the years to come.

    - Sam Jephson

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