Monday, December 5, 2011

Teaching Strategies - 9.5 Strategies for Successful Teaching

Do you really want to be a successful teacher? If so, these 9.5 strategies will help you develop the skills, techniques and processes needed to become a master teacher.

But it won't happen just because you read each strategy, you must take action and put each strategy in to use.

Strategy #1 - Prepare for each lesson. You need to master the material in order to inspire your students to learn it. If you haven't learned it, why should they?

Strategy #2 - Find ways to make connections to more familiar information already mastered. Using connections to illustrate the new concepts serves as a glue to help new information stick.

Strategy #3 - Study until you can present the lesson without it sounding like a lecture. It should seem like a conversation. When you speak on a subject without notes or the textbook you instill confidence in your audience.

Strategy #4 - Discover the natural order of the lesson. In every subject there is a natural path from the simplest ideas to the broadest views; this is true of every lesson as well.

Strategy #5 - Find the relationship between the lesson and the lives of the learners. The lesson's practical value lies in this relationship.

Strategy #6 - Use all available aids, props and study tools but never rest until you truly understand your subject.

Strategy #7 - Bear in mind that complete mastery of a few things is better than an ineffective smattering of many. Don't just cover the material, teach until they understand the material.

Strategy #8 - Have a definite time for the study of each lesson, in advance of the teaching. All things help the duty done on time. One keeps on learning the lesson studied in advance, and gathers fresh interest and illustrations.

Strategy #9 - Develop a personal growth plan and read as many good books on your subject as possible. Buy, borrow, or beg, if necessary, but obtain the help of the best thinkers to stimulate your own thinking.

If possible, discuss the lesson with a friend; discussion many times brings light. In the absence of these aids, write your views; expressing your thoughts in writing may clear them of obscurities.

Strategy #9.5 - Create a plan of study and be prepared by studying beyond the lesson plan. The best method is to ask and answer these questions about the lesson: What? How? Why?

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