Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teaching Strategies - 12.5 Rules for Teaching the Learner

In order to be a great teacher you must be able to connect with your students. Connecting isn't easy, but if you prepare and present your lessons with the learner in mind you will connect.

Use these 12.5 strategies to help you prepare and present your lessons for the learner.

(1) Gain their Attention

Always get the attention of your students before you begin your lesson. Observe their faces to see if they are mentally as well as physically present.

(2) Remember to Pause

Pause whenever the class' s attention is interrupted or lost and wait until you have completely regained it.

(3) Watch for Fatigue

Never exhaust the attention of your students. Stop as soon as any signs of fatigue appear.

(4) Make Your Lesson Appropriate

Adapt the length of your lesson to the ages of your students: the younger the students, the briefer the lesson.

(5) Use Variety

When necessary use variety in your presentation style to maintain their attention. But be careful to avoid distractions; keep the real lesson in view.

(6) Maintain Interest

Maintain the highest possible interest in the subject. Interest and attention rely on each other.

(7) Be Age Appropriate

Present aspects of the lesson and use illustrations that correspond to the ages and abilities of your student.

(8) Know Your Audience

The favorite stories, songs, and subjects of your students are often keys to their interest and attention. Find out what these are, and make use of them.

(9) Avoid Distractions

Look for sources of distraction, such as unusual noises, inside the classroom and out, and reduce them to a minimum.

(10) Prepare Questions

Prepare some thought-provoking questions. Be sure your questions are not beyond the abilities of your students.

(11) Use Props

Make your presentation as attractive as possible; use illustrations, PowerPoint and props. Do not, however, let these aides become sources of distraction.

(12) Show Enthusiasm

Maintain and exhibit genuine interest in your lesson. True enthusiasm is contagious.

(12.5) Use Appropriate Gestures

Learn how to use eye contact, facial expressions and hand movements. Your students will respond to your expressions and your lifted hand.

As the teacher, it is your responsibility to prepare a lesson that will help the learner acquire, retain and use knowledge. It is up to you to ignite the fires of interest in the learner and this will not happen unless you are enthusiastic about the subject.

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